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Deus Ex Machina
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I started working on this story way back before season one had even ended. Hence, I do not have the canon last names for the characters. I hope you will let that slide...I kind of like the last names I made up!
The name "Eilis" is the Gaelic form of Elizabeth, and is pronounced "eye-liss."
The spellings used here are the original French ones.
Speaking of French, here's some French translation:
Oui, monsieur. Je parle français pour les huit ans.
Yes, sir. I have been speaking French for eight years.
Je ne donnez-vous pas la spaghetti.
I'm not giving you spaghetti.
Petit chien laid
Ugly little dog
Elle s’appelle Eílís, et elle est une elevée nouvelle a l’ecole. Elle est trés mince, n’est pas?
Her name is Eilis, and she is a new student at school. She's very thin, isn't she?
mon/ma petit(e)
An endearment, basically "little one."
Je sais.
I know.
Bienvenue a l’ecole
Welcome to the school.
Quoi? Tu sais tu voudrais á embrasser, non?
Why? You want to kiss her, right?
Classe, je voudrais a bienvenue une elevée nouvelle a l’ecole. Eílís McIntire, levée a toi, si’l vous plait.
Class, I would like to welcome a new student to the school. Eilis McIntire, stand up, please.
Classe, ditez-vous bienvenue a Eílís McIntire, si’l vous plait.
Class, say hello to Eilis McIntire, please.
Assied toi
Sit down
Here it is.
Raconte la problême, si’l vous plait.
Answer the problem, please.
Je ne sais pas.
I don't know
Listen (a command)
Est-ce que racontez-vous le problême?
Can you answer the problem?
C’est un probléme difficile.
It's a difficult problem.
Posted: May 1, 2004

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